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THE TODAY SHOW features Krista on their “Fresh Cooks Live” series, where she demos how to open a fresh young coconut for the crowd in Rockefeller Center. She then makes healthy eats inspired by her international travels, and tops it all off with a cocktail that uses the fresh coconut water. You can watch the full live stream of the 30 minute segment here.



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THE FOOD NETWORK features Krista Simmons on Robert Irvine’s show “Restaurant Express,” as “one of L.A.’s most highly published, influential food writers.” She judged two separate challenges on the competition series. You can read more about the show here. 





THE HUFFINGTON POST names Krista Simmons the Best Food Instagram Account In L.A. “She’s the Food Editor at LAist and is no stranger to TV (catch her on Top Chef Masters re-runs and the KTLA morning news). After she graduated from UC Santa Cruz, Simmons spent over a year working on organic farms in Southeast Asia and Australia, and it shows in her Instagram feed. She’s constantly posting pics of her Farmers Market loot and how she cooked it.”  You can read the full story here.



THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER features Krista Simmons on their Taste Test column, asking for the inside scoop on her dining pet peeves, guilty pleasures, and ideal last meal.

When asked about her most embarrassing moment in food, she candidly replies, “I was doing a one-night stage at a fine dining restaurant in San Diego, and the chef de cuisine was a total dreamboat. He asked my opinion about a certain unnamed establishment in L.A., and I went on and on about how it didn’t live up to the hype, dissecting everything from the food to the staff to the décor. After I’d finished flogging the place, he told me it was a restaurant he’d opened. I turned about as red as the lobster that was on the menu that night. And I wonder why I’m single.”

Full story can be read here.




US WEEKLY calls out Krista Simmons as a Hot Pick on the red carpet for the “Top Chef Masters” season 4 premiere in Las Vegas, saying that “Simmons sizzles.”

To check it out on the site, click here. 




LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE profiles LAist Food Editor Krista Simmons in this colorful Q & A done in February. The 28-year-old writer admits that her secret power is being able to twist herself into a pretzel (she’s a yogi), and talks about her ideal last meal. “If money weren’t a issue, I’d buy out the entire box section at the Hollywood Bowl and invite all my friends and family to a massive home made picnic, complete with my mom’s Swedish meatballs, epic cheese platters, and LOTS of Oregon Pinot. One of my chef buddies would be tasked with busting out a Caja China or a spit. (What’s a party without a roasted whole animal, right?) The Black Keys would open for the Stones that night, and Bouchon Bakery would cater the desserts. I could definitely leave this world a happy girl after a night like that.” Read the full interview here.



YOUNG HOLLYWOOD does a video interview with Krista Simmons, where she schools the host on Himilayan sea salt, how to eat crudo, and divulges her most recent culinary adveture: eating turkey testicles.

You can watch the video over at the Young Hollywood site or on Yahoo.





PASADENA MAGAZINE featured Krista Simmons in their annual food issue in November.

She joined Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold and chef David Feau for a day of dining around the city to see which restaurant could illustrate an autumnal dish best, and the three finally selected a winner.

Simmons announced the winner at their annual culinary gala.




SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY interviews Krista Simmons about her former life living in Northern California, working at Bonny Doon Vineyard, and how travel has impacted her culinary perspective.

“Her time on organic farms in Australia and Thailand gave her confidence in her opinions. ‘It is those [agricultural] experiences that have allowed me to sit there on ‘Top Chef Masters’ and look at an heirloom tomato and really understand what it is, and the process that led it to my plate,’ says Simmons.”

Read the full story here.





LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE profiles local Krista Simmons before the premiere of “Top Chef Masters.”

“We’d be tuning in to tonight’s season premier of Top Chef Masters no matter what. But finding out that local food writer and friend of the magazine Krista Simmons is this season’s new judge? Well, now we’re hooked. We reached out to Simmons by phone shortly before she flew out to tonight’s big Vegas premier party to find out what it was like to sit next to folks like Ruth Reichl and James Oseland day after dayand how she survived a whole month in Vegas.”

Read the full story here.





HAUTE LIVING follows Simmons down the red carpet at the season 4 premiere of “Top Chef Masters,” along with other culinary celebs like Curtis Stone,  James Oseland, Art Smith, and Rick Moonen.

The premiere was shown on the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s giant 65-foot marquee over the Las Vegas strip.

Haute Living announced that each week, fans would be able to watch at the hotel, with themed snacks to match the culinary themed evenings.

For the full story, click here.





Countless online outlets covered the season of “Top Chef Masters” that Simmons appeared on, and the various viewing parties that Simmons hosted during to go along with it. ESTAR LA did a wonderful wrap-up covering the super-swanky party hosted by the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for episode 7.

“Wednesday night was a special night dedicated to her current Bravo Top Chef Masters stint, and pretty much the entire food community was there to support,” she said of the gathering.

CAROLINE ON CRACK also chronicled the event through her photography. And LAS VEGAS WEEKLY blogged weekly about the screenings going on at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

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