Chinese Dining Etiquette Tips From Shanghai

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Shanghai French Concession - Lunch

Photos by Danny Simmons A big part of being a food writer in a foreign country is understanding the local culinary culture. Having a grasp on local traditions not only helps you blend in (I already stick out enough as a 6 foot tall Viking woman!), but shows your dining companions that you’ve done your… Read more »

On the juice: My favorite flavor combos for juicing

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Well, it’s official: I neglect my poor little blog. I went on and on about how energized and motivated I was after that juice cleanse, and I have yet to post some of my favorite combos. To my credit, I’ve been bonkers busy — a great thing for someone working in this god forsaken crumbling… Read more »

On the Road

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I’m packed and ready to hit the road again. My neighbor Sarah of Fruit & Flour pies lent me a copy of Big Sur by Jack Kerouac, which I’m really looking forward to reading on the 15 hour flight over to AUS. First stop, Melbourne!

Kicking the birthday blues with the Cecchini crew

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Last week I had the ever-so-indulgent honor of being invited over to Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada’s casa for Sunday supper. Two two girls run the infamous Lindy & Grundy butcher shop, so any meal at their place would no doubt be absolutely magnificent. But this Sunday was particularly special because Riccardo Ricci, who works with Dario Cecchini in the… Read more »

Leftover solution: Turkey empanadas

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This Thanksgiving, my lovely mom finally relinquished a little bit of control and let me do a little bit of the cooking. I took care of the turkey in an apple cider brine and made the traditional vat of gravy, as well as two pies: apple and pumpkin. To be honest, the pie baking bit didn’t… Read more »

Supporting local food businesses on Black Friday

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I’ve never really understood Black Friday. Throwing elbows to fork over the same bank’s credit card that got us into this crummy economic situation just seems bonkers.  So to help out frantic shoppers (and foodies!), I compiled a list of  L.A.-based craft fairs and shops where you can purchase holiday gifts that will support local… Read more »

Recipe: Baked butternut squash with brown butter

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The other night I was making myself a simple seasonal dinner, and as I always do, I posted a note on my Facebook about how freaking amazing my apartment smelled. My friend Clemence from the Gourmandise Cooking School replied to my status, asking if she could borrow the recipe for today’s newsletter, which was awesome because it… Read more »

Fast Food Nation, meet Short Order

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Renown journalist and author Eric Schlosser received an honorary doctorate degree at Occidental College on Thursday evening, where he spoke to a loaded auditorium about the past, present and future of our local food system. Los Angeles, Schlosser asserted, was the incubator for a fast food culture that has severely harmed the health of our… Read more »

Recipe: Jazzy Sprouts’ souped up beans

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Before my freelance days — aka “funemployment”– Friday evenings usually meant pushing through copy til around 8 or 9 p.m., then drinking copious amounts of booze in attempt to forget the drama of the newsroom. By the end of the week, I was usually too tired to grab drinks with friends, let alone go shopping…. Read more »