Hunting And Fishing Excursions Worth Traveling For

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  Adventurous epicures like myself have an insatiable appetite to learn more about where food comes from, and that curiosity stretches way beyond farm visits and market tours. The Simmons family — including my uncle, an expert hunter — has historically been drawn to the sport of hunting, and one of my goals this year is… Read more »

Matcha On My Mind: Sip This Japanese Green Tea Cocktail

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  You guys, did I mention how absolutely positively ecstatic I am to finally be going to Japan in May? Cuz I AM! Seriously, it’s been at the tip-top of my Bucket List destinations as far back as I can remember. Ever since Michael and I booked our tickets last month, I’ve been going bonkers… Read more »

Where To Eat In Austin For SXSW

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If you’re heading to Austin for any part of the massive music, film, and tech conference known as South by Southwest (SXSW), you’re likely going to be doing just as much eating and drinking as you are networking (especially if you hit up SouthBites, the food-centric interactive component of the fest going down from Saturday,… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Truffles

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Truffles are one of the world’s most expensive luxury foods out there, rivaling foie gras and caviar. You might be aware of their high price tags, but did you know that there are truffles that are native to the United States? Or that any dog breed can be trained to hunt them? (My little buddy Bento… Read more »

The Best Sandwiches From Around The Globe In L.A.

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  One of the greatest parts of living in Los Angeles isn’t the weather, the beaches, or even the celeb sightings. It’s about being in a city where you can literally travel through your tastebuds. My native town is home not only to a vast expanse of international communities and a wide variety of culinary delights that comes… Read more »

My Best Bites In New Orleans For Mardi Gras And Beyond

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  Seeing all the Mardi Gras posts around the interwebs right now, I am flooded with memories of my first trip to New Orleans a few years ago. I had such a blast exploring the food and culture in what’s since become one of my favorite American cities. I had a blast, and hopefully I’ll… Read more »

3 Reasons I’m In Love With The Revamped Hotel Normandie

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There’s been a trend of reviving historic 1920s L.A. buildings, turning them into hotels, bars, and restaurants that nod to the past but have a decidedly modern feel. To me, that never gets old. The Hotel Normandie, developed in 1926 by famed Los Angeles architects Albert R. Walker and Percy A. Eisen, is no exception. They’ve been rolling out their… Read more »