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Tricked-out Halloween treats on the KTLA Morning News

I had so much fun going on the KTLA Morning news with Jessica Holmes this week. Though I always love doing on-air gigs, the best part was styling the set. It really helped me get into the Halloween spirit.  Here’s the segment:

Kicking the birthday blues with the Cecchini crew

Last week I had the ever-so-indulgent honor of being invited over to Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada’s casa for Sunday supper. Two two girls run the infamous Lindy & Grundy butcher shop, so any meal at their place would no doubt be absolutely magnificent. But this Sunday was particularly special because Riccardo Ricci, who works with Dario Cecchini in the…

Supporting local food businesses on Black Friday

I’ve never really understood Black Friday. Throwing elbows to fork over the same bank’s credit card that got us into this crummy economic situation just seems bonkers.  So to help out frantic shoppers (and foodies!), I compiled a list of  L.A.-based craft fairs and shops where you can purchase holiday gifts that will support local…

Holiday decorating: Using your balls

Sure, jokes about balls might be a bit played out– so much so that our famed local food critic even called for a moratorium on the word– but I just couldn’t keep this easy holiday decoration to myself. It truly is a great way to use your leftover shiny Christmas balls! On Saturday, I went…

Holiday cocktails: Seriously spiked cider

‘ I’ve always been the kind of cook that works with whimsy, unloading ingredients from my shelves and fridge and tossing them into a pot, allowing alchemy to create something delicious. My current tenure at culinary school is teaching me to veer from my impulsive ways, but on Friday I got back to my roots….