What To Do in Malibu

By Krista,

Growing up just inland of Malibu, it’s always been one of my favorite coastal towns to explore. With great hikes, beautiful wineries, stellar beaches, and fresh seafood, it’s no wonder you might find yourself there on a long weekend like the one coming up. Here’s the guide I did for Salt & Wind and Maui Jim on some of my must-dos in the Bu. You can find the guide here.

Meet My New Production Company: Fork in the Road Media

By Krista,

Fork in the Road Demo Reel from Fork In The Road Media on Vimeo.

Guys, I want you to meet my new baby: Fork in the Road Media! I launched my own digital media production company this month, and I’m super excited to start rolling out some suh-weet content. Our main focus is to create digital-facing content for the hospitality industries (yep, food and travel, surprised?), and I couldn’t be more stoked to get going. I’ve come a long way since making my first FlipCam video for the LA Times Travel section all those years ago, wouldn’t you say? 

So you’re probably thinking, why not just keep on chuggin the way you’ve always done, Krista? Well, I’ve been producing video content for brands like the Times, Travel + Leisure, Sky Vision, Kate Spade, and more for nearly ten years now, so I figured it was time to make it “official.”

For me, video has always been the best way to tell a complete story. And finally the world is catching up, and I’ve decided to really give it the ol’ college try.

This past year I’ve field produced a travel show that took me to the Okavango Delta, Baja Mexico, and the Southwest US for Sky Vision in the UK. I’ve also bulked up social-facing content on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages. (Are you following along? You should join the adventure! Fork in the Road has an Insta too. Check it out here.) And there are some really cool projects I’m developing and pitching right now with Fork in the Road.  It’s gonna be a great year! 

Please do give our site and reel a peek and let me know what you think! 


Whale Shark Diving in La Paz, Mexico

By Krista,

Holy cow you guys! I conquered my biggest fear — sharks! — when I went swimming with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico at Playa de la Paz. Yes, I know technically these gentle giants are filter feeders and aren’t a threat to humans, but you try swimming next to a school bus sized fish with a gaping mouth the size of a sedan and tell me you aren’t at least a little bit freaked out. You can check out a video of my experience below. 

If you’ve ever wanted to go whale shark diving, DO IT! La Paz is one of the greatest places to do so. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a ton of time shooting south of the border, specifically in Baja California, this past year, and to me it’s a spectacular place to visit not just for the delicious food and the lovely people, but the WILD biodiversity and adventure opportunities. It’s no wonder Jacques Cousteau loved La Paz so much that he actually filmed two episodes of his show here. That’s the only place he ever did so, in fact. The biodiversity is absolutely unrivaled. And did I mention tacos?!?

The Weekender: 5 Things To Do in Scottsdale

By Krista,



If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for an undiscovered destination. Unearthing a gem that’s yet to be plastered all over my Instagram feed brings back that real sense of discovery that made me fall in love with travel in the first place.

Yes, everyone loves Palm Springs (guilty as charged!), but I have to admit sometimes it feels a little bit like a small desert enclave of L.A. rather than a getaway. I feel like I always run into someone I know — let’s just say the caftan curation has to be on fleek! — and that doesn’t really allow me to unwind.


When I first visited Scottsdale, I found all those dreamy desert vibes and quirky style I seek out in PS, plus an added bonus of a truly Southwestern twist. And, a place where I can just relax.

So when I was invited out by the folks at the tourism board to take a ditch day, revisiting some of my favorite spots and exploring some new ones, I jumped at the chance. What I’ll tell you is this: Scottsdale deserves so much more than a single day! I definitely recommend tacking on a day off in addition to your traditional weekend, giving yourself some time to truly enjoy the Sonoran style.

Here’s what to do on your weekender in the desert: … Continue reading

Where To Go On Safari: Okavango Delta, Botswana

By Krista,

Pretty much every traveler — self included — has going on safari at the top of their bucket list, and rightfully so. As a professional food and travel writer, it’s always been one of my dirty little secrets that I hadn’t yet been, but I’ll tell you this much: it was worth the wait.


This summer I headed off to Botswana with Abercrombie & Kent to visit their Sanctuary properties and came back with so many wonderful memories, stories, and content that I felt like my head was going to explode. There are very few places in the world that make you feel so humbled, and truly give you a deep respect for nature, wildlife and conservation, and Botswana is one of them. I loved that the Sanctuary properties partnered up with local charities to give back to the communities where their lodges were based, too. That element of giving back is so important for me as a traveler.


Their strict anti-poaching laws make them shining examples in terms of conservation, alongside countries like Kenya. I wrote about my experience going on safari in some depth here for Travel Age West. I was also able to include it in Travel + Leisure’s Where To Travel in 2017 package, which is great for finding travel inspo for the year to come.

And, of course, in typical Krista fashion, I made a video with my partner and excellent aerial videographer, Michael Kretovics below. I hope you too get to experience safari in your lifetime. It’s everything you have dreamed of, and more!

5 Reasons To Visit Santa Monica Right now

By Krista,

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a HUGE fan of the staycation. Much as I love exploring around the globe, there’s something wonderful about looking at your own city with the eyes of a traveler. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when some place as beautiful as Santa Monica is right in your backyard.

This beach city, which is just a hop skip and a jump away from LAX airport, has always been a favorite. Having grown up in L.A., I have fond memories of driving over to Ray’s for biscuits and gravy with my family, then heading over to the beach for a day of boogie boarding and soaking up the sunshine. (Remember the times where you could do load up on junk food and then jump into a bikini and not even think twice about it. Oh, to be a kid again!)

I got to tap into that same childlike sense of fun and wonder when I partnered up with Skyscanner this month to showcase some of my favorite parts of Santa Monica with my lovely friend (and fabulous travel writer!) Lacy Yamaoka, aka The Expate. We had such a blast wandering around SaMo that it’d be selfish NOT to share some of my top reasons to visit the city right now.

Adorable Hotels 

Santa Monica has it on lock when it comes to accommodation. One of my favorite places to stay is the Viceroy. You’re literally within earshot of the beach, which you can ride to on their complimentary stylish Linus beach cruisers.  If you want a little bit of R&R, their poolside cabanas are the perfect spot to kick back, read a book, and enjoy a cocktail. It’s truly the best of all worlds.

Amazing Food 

You didn’t think I’d write about this and not mention the eats, did you? Santa Monica has heaps of incredible restaurants, and there’s truly something for everyone. One our Periscope adventure, Lacy and I had some incredible food, from craft beer and burgers at the darling Ashland Hill to oysters and rose at BP Oysterette. (Don’t worry, we threw a smoothie in there too. We went to Kreation to start our day out on the right foot and then let the mayhem ensue from there.)

Outdoor Activities 

If you’re an outdoor junkie, the’s no place more ideal to stay than some SaMo. The second you set foot on Ocean Avenue, you’ll realize the entire city is basically one giant wellness center. People gather for hiking, walking, yoga, personal training, slack lining, and more, and down on the beach you can watch the folks on the rings try their hand at being circus performers. You can easily rent a Breeze Bike to enjoy by the minute to see the city, or just walk around and breathe in the fresh sea air. There’s nothing more invigorating.

World-Class Shopping

Leave it to Santa Monica to build one of the most darling outdoor malls in the world. At Santa Monica Place, they even have a concierge that will send your bags to your hotel so that you can keep wandering or riding your bike around without schlepping your haul. How cool is that?

Tapping Into Your Inner Child 

Lacy and I had such a blast going down to the historic Santa Monica Pier and riding the ferris wheel. I have to admit, as a local I sometimes poo poo touristy attractions, but the view from the top was absolutely spectacular, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone, locals or visitors alike.

You can check out a little video recap of our day on Periscope here.

Hope to see you in Santa Monica soon, and happy travels!

Best Travelers To Follow On Snapchat

By Krista,

You guys! I’m so stoked. Uproxx just named me one of the top travelers to follow on Snapchat. I’ve been totally loving using this medium as a way to share all my culinary adventures around the globe, from farmers market tours to behind-the-scenes looks at some of the world’s hottest hotel properties.

Thanks so much for giving me a follow! And be sure to let me know on Snap what you want to see more of.

What To Eat In Costa Rica

By Krista,

Costa Rica is well known for its lush rainforests, epic surf spots, and three-toed sloths, but its food scene is also worthy of attention. Its rich culinary culture is strongly influenced by the dizzying array of fruits and veggies made possible by the same biodiversity and microclimates that make it a destination for nature lovers. The food scene there is definitely worth checking out — from epic farmers markets to high elevation coffee plantations and great street food.

You can check out my article at Travel + Leisure that goes along with the video here, which details all the dishes I recommend you try out when in Costa Rica.

Food and Drink News From Around The Globe This December

By Krista,



Each month I write the Departures Magazine Dining Agenda, giving you the scoop on what’s shaking in food and beverage around the world. I’m talking everything from festivals to openings and chef shifts — all so you can stay in the know on what’s going on around the globe. Here’s what’s happening this December. 

How To Make The Best Pie Crust For Thanksgiving

By Krista,

I’ve been obsessed with pie for some time now. In fact, you may not know this, but my first job at the young age of 15 was working at Marie Callender’s. And so the obsession began!

A few months back I visited Montana to attend the Paws Up Upper Crust Pie Camp, learning from some of the best how to make the perfect lattice top pies, crostatas and more in the middle of Big Sky Country. The crust that I learned to make from Kate McDermott of the Art of Pie was so delightfully flaky that I had to share the recipe — and video —with you here. You can check out some of Kate’s top pie baking tips in the video, and get the full recipe by reading on. … Continue reading