Exploring Australia’s Wild Side

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South and Western Australia are two of the country’s lesser trodden states, where isolation and nature afford not only stunning vistas and incredible sea life, but also some of the most bountiful food and wine the world has to offer. I went to check in on my favorite destination for Quest Magazine, it ended up being the cover story for their recent print issue.

From stargazing to wine tasting and foraging wild foods, it was an incredible adventure.

You can read the full cover story here.

Had a blast cooking with badass chef @nyeshajoyce for our LAist #WomenInFood video series. Hear  how she's used her experience on #TopChef and in prestigious kitchens to craft her own business in a male-dominated industry. Link in my profile.
My ultimate power brekkie: smashed Spanish sardines, avocado and parsley on GF baby bagel, finished with @jacobsensaltco's sea salt.
Before I jet off to a foreign country, I like to do some homework on local dining customs. Not only is it respectful, but opens doors -- and therefore your palate! -- to more authentic eating experiences. Check out @katespadeny for my tips on dining in Shanghai. Link in profile.
Shameless Saturday pastime: lounging in boxers, consuming an entire artichoke by myself while watching @themindofachef.
Your iPhone6 may not be built to bend, but I sure am. #bendgate #yoga #spiritualgangster #yogi #warrior #scorpion #scorpiodoesscorpion #fitspo #om 🙏
Wishing you a weekend full of sunshine, wine, and good times. #forkandvine #dahlias #floral #flowers #diy #latergram
Happiness is: when your skillet baked eggs set perfectly on the first go, giving time for the crew to gather 'round to snap a photo. #forkandvine
A moment of rainy day zen before our last #forkandvine recipe shoot in the Pacific Northwest. Glam by @rachelleblanco 💋
Reason #5473 why I ❤️Oregon: It's cool enough to make one of my absolute favorite fall dishes, coq au vin, with wild local shroomies. 🌲🍄🍷 #forkandvine
Having fun cooking crostatas in this here pizza oven! #forkandvine #oregon #willamettevalley #willamette #wine #winecountry #sweets #pie #pastry #tastemade
My amazing food stylist @sonyamasinovsky prepping Oregon mussels and clams for their cameo as @mattbarkin anticipates the shot for @tastemade. #forkandvine
Just a girl and her grapes. 🌿🍇#forkandvine #reisling #summerofreisling #tastemade #oregon #willamette #food #wine #winecountry #travel
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. #crush #harvest #forkandvine #tastemade #wine #oregon #willamettevalley #pinot #reisling
Pre-interview "green room" with Veronique Drouhin -- walking amongst the vines and sampling this year's fruit! What an absolutely AMAZING experience! 🌿🍇🍷#forkandvine #tastemade
Ride and shine! Time for another gorgeous day of shooting in the Pacific Northwest with @adamducharme @mattbarkin @jogryfe @rachelleblanco @cowboycoffee @tastemade! I mean, is this place even REAL?!?
Feeling right at home harvesting Bosc pears for pear wine in the Hood River Valley with @Tastemade. 💚🍐🌿🍷 #forkandvine #farmtotable #orchardtoglass  #setlife
Fresh smoked King Chinook salmon, butchered at a roadside stand by First Nations fisherman Doug Rigdon. The absolute BEST I've ever tasted! That color!
Breakfast ramen Bang Bang w/@giovannireda @krismorningstar's @terrineLA teaser @ilanhall's @thegorbals. The sweet maple fried garlic with lime took it over the top & added awesome acid. Also fab: shrimp pancake topped w/ a perfect sunnyside egg. Avail on weekends 11-3.
Spot on chilaquiles for brunch this morning with @letmeeatcake @joshgoldman2 at @brilliantshine. The stunning rancho-style patio is perfect for day drinking & evening cocktailing in SaMo. And the food is darn good too! Can't wait to go back for dinner.

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